A Call for Justice


The death of George Floyd has once again forced us to review the word “Justice.” The widely publicized video showing the ex-officer kneeling in the neck of George Floyd should never be overlooked, and the word “Justice” should prevail. However, we need to take timeout to look at the charges available to the Prosecutor, and why they went the way of third degree murder, as opposed to first or second degree.

The issue is, we have to understand the facts as they are available and meeting the elements required to prove each charge. Yes many may have preferred to see first or second degree murder to include myself but are the facts and evidence available to sustain such a charge? Thats a question for the Prosecutor. The world of Criminal Law is based on evidence and elements. These are the two factors that matters in a real world, where “Justice” will prevail.

Therefore, are we seeking or getting “Justice” through wide-scale looting and vandalism. Make no mistake, I am 100% for peaceful protest and for the voices of the affected and the oppressed to be heard without any apologies. For too long the shoes of “Justice” in this great land have been stuck on the foot of the privileged. Its time for a change but let us do it the right way.

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So finally we have seen the wheels of “Justice” beginning to turn, as the charges for the ex-cop have been rightfully increased and the other ex-officers involved, have also finally charged. Let us continue to watch as the rest unfolds.

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